SOJALL Pro Natura - Germinated, Fermented, Organic Premium Food

SOJALL Pro Natura - Germinated, Fermented, Organic Premium Food

SOJALL Pro Natura is an Austrian family business that has been creating food products for over 30 years. The company makes germinated, fermented premium foods in organic quality as well as skin care and hygiene products with natural brines, herbs and oils.

Germinated, fermented foods made from high quality ingredients

Germinating and fermenting food activates a lot of its nutrients. Unlike other supplements, SOJALL's products don't just contain individual, high-dose nutrients. Rather, they contain a wide range of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, trace elements, antioxidants, minerals and phytochemicals.

Since the company started, they've always focused on germination and fermentation as well as unique blends of local cereals and soy that support the heart, skin, hair, bones and intestines. Feedback from customers was extremely positive, allowing the company to expand their range bit by bit. When choosing ingredients for their products, the company focuses on using holistic practices and natural raw materials. They do not use extracts or isolated, denatured nutrients.

Today, it is rare to find foods that have been germinated or fermented. These processes increase the nutrient content of the food, while cooking, freezing or steaming causes nutrients to be lost.

  • Getting the highest possible nutrient density out of the food is very important to them. Grains are harvested at the optimal point in time to ensure the highest nutrient count.
  • Due to the high nutrient density of each product, you only need to consume a small amount to receive its benefits.
  • The products are safe to use and are made based on decades of experience. The company follows strict hygiene practices and makes sure that the products have long best by dates.
  • The products are gently processed and come in raw food quality.
  • Due to the germination and fermentation and the conversion and degradation processes, the products have a high bioavailability.
  • The glycemic index of whole grain cereals is reduced by up to 90% during germination and fermentation.
  • The bioavailability of vegetable protein is also improved by processing, making the products particularly attractive for vegetarians and athletes.

Guaranteed natural

Many germinated products on the market have extremely high amounts of vitamins and minerals. This is often achieved artificially. SOJALL does not use any of these methods, but relies on its decades of experience. The nutritional values of the products are naturally achieved.

SOJALL - simple and delicious

All SOJALL product blends have a pleasant taste and can be taken on a daily basis. The organic premium food is deliberately not filled into capsules so that valuable active ingredients can be absorbed through the oral mucosa. The products can be stirred into yoghurt, smoothies and drinks or sprinkled onto cereal or porridge.

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