The Most Common Sports Excuses

Everyone who has ever exercised ris familiar with excuses. Here are the ones that most frequently prevent us from doing sports.

No time

This is the classic among sports excuses. This is so popular because it stays nice and vague and yet somehow always fits. How can everyone have time for everything they once to do? But be honest: how long do you spend watching television or surfing aimlessly on the Internet each day? With a little thought you can cut out a few unimportant activities.

The other question you have to ask in this situation is: is my TV (or other unimportant activities) really more important than my health? If you don't want to skip your favorite show, combine watching tv with exercising. There are new exercise bikes that are so quiet that you can easily ride one while watching TV.

By the way: if you don't want to run out of time, make time. Write your workouts into your calendar. 

The Weather

"I would do sports, but today it's raining" Or it's too cold. Or both. With the exception of storms and severe thunderstorms, no weather is too bad for sports. It is only important that you wear the right clothes. Also, there are plenty of alternatives. If it's raining, go to the gym, the swimming pool or do a fitness video at home. The Internet is full of various fitness videos and tutorials. 


If you're feeling tired, you may just need to get your body in motion. Getting into momentum again can be a great pick-me-up. Just start a bit slower.

If you are too tired after work, try a workout in the morning or on weekends. Exercise is a wonderful start to your day.  The additional oxygen wakes you up and gets you moving through the day. 

Exercise is boring

If you find this is your most common excuse, you just haven't found the right sport yet. Today we have better access to more types of sports than ever before. Stay curious and you'll find the perfect sport for you. 
A few questions to get a clearer picture of what you like are: What kind of movement do I want to do? Would I rather be at home or at the gym? Alone or in a group? You can also ask your friends if they want to team up, as exercising together is rarely boring. 

I have children

Good for you, but this isn't an excuse! Take your children with you. Do stretches at the playground, or go up and down the steps at home. Walk or cycle with your kids on your way to school instead of driving. Make hiking or cycling with your family part of your family traditions. Movement does everyone good, no matter how old.

Sport is not for me

If this is your excuse, you are well on the way to an unhealthy future. New studies suggest that lack of exercise is just as harmful as smoking ! Just start small. Doing five minutes of aerobics per day, perhaps during a commercial break on television, will get you started. Don't worry about the beginning, you can make it through 5 minutes and gradually increase the duration and frequency of your exercise as it suits you. You can do it!