Juventa Care - Take Care of Your Body

The German company Juventa Care is known for developing products that contribute to the optimal care of the human body. These products offer the necessary nutrients and bioactive plant ingredients your body needs.

Ok, with your hand over your heart, could you swear that you get the recommended 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily??

Every day we should eat 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables (about 500 - 700 g ).  Fruits and veg contain health-promoting nutrients and very important bioactive phytonutrients. Our daily vegetable and fruit plate should be as colorful and varied as possible, because the variety also determines the number of different protective substances, vitamins and minerals that our food contains. 

High quality food supplements

Juventa Care produces the highest quality nutritional supplements, using only raw materials. Therefore, the products contain only the best ingredients. Each product is produced based on the latest scientific findings. The products do not only include "classic" ingredients like vitamins and minerals, but also contain bioactive plant and fruit extracts and herbs from organic farming. These ingredients complement each other.

All products by Juventa Care are produced in Germany, which guarantees the highest production standards. The ingredients are tested before use for their quality to ensure they do not contain any foreign substances. They are then filled into vegan capsules that are free from:

  • yeast
  • gluten
  • lactose
  • preservatives
  • dyes.

The product developers are in constant contact with scientifically active research groups so that they can always take into account the latest research results to enhance their creations!