Enjoy Dairy Products Despite Your Lactose Intolerance - Here's How It Works!

Lactose intolerance is no longer an isolated phenomenon: it's believed that about 15 percent of people in Europe suffer from an intolerance to milk sugar. As a result, dairy products and products containing milk sugars (for example sausage, bread, chocolate or medicines) cause symptoms like nausea, vomiting, colic, diarrhea, and flatulence. Even worse, fatigue, sleep disturbances or dizziness can result from a lactose intolerance. However, there are products to help you handle this problem!

People who suffer from lactose intolerance, lack the enzyme lactase. Many adult Asians or Africans cannot tolerate milk (products) because they have completely eliminated this particular enzyme after childhood. If eaten anyway, lactose reaches the colon and is fermented there. The result: a lot of gas, and thus high pressure in the intestine. If the problem is not remedied, (there are various tests that a doctor can perform), the intestinal mucosa may be permanently damaged!

Many people who nevertheless love milk and milk products suffer from having to give them up. Thankfully, today you do not have to strictly adhere to the old rules! Now, if you know a meal contains lactose, you can take one lactose pill. The ingredients in lactose pills will help your stomach digest the lactose, rendering it mostly harmless. 

Apart from those with severe intolerance, there are ways around intolerance of milk products. Foods with low lactose content such as dark chocolate, mozzarella or butter are usually better tolerated, especially if they are not eaten too often. Lactose intolerance can also fade or wear off over time.

Even if you do have a severe lactose intolerance, there are plenty of alternative foods. However, it is a myth that only cow's milk contains lactose - all milk from a mammal - including sheep, goats or camels - contains lactose. Milk powders and whey powders often carry lactose as well, sometimes as much as 60 grams per 100 grams!! Even the best preparations can fall prey to lactose in such high amounts, so in cases like these, lactose pills would not be a solution.