Does it Take Time to Build Muscle?

Do you train like crazy, but feel like you can't see a change in your muscle growth? Maybe you aren't training a wide enough range of muscles. 

Sometimes muscles do not start to show despite regular workouts and hard training. Certain factors can hinder muscle growth. Let's take a look at these factors! 

The wrong diet

An important factor that affects muscle structure is the diet. In order for the body to build muscle mass, it needs energy. However, most people consume far too little calories and protein for muscle growth, which means that the body can't build any new muscles. For this to work, we must eat beyond our hunger. Since this isn't an easy feat, energy-rich foods are perfect for building muscles. Often small to medium sized meals between the three large meals are enough to keep you going. 

But beware: this is not a free ticket to eat unhealthily. What you eat matters just as much as how often you eat. 

Too much sports

Muscles are stimulated by training. They grow only when we are not exercising, when we take a break. This means that daily training does not add much extra muscle mass. It is important to take breaks between sessions.

Even long training sessions do not work any more than short sessions. Often 30 minutes of targeted training are enough to build muscle.

Lack of consistency

Today there is such a wide range of types of training,  plans and programs that we are quickly inclined to switch things up. We often come to the conclusion that each form of training is as good as the other. The type of training and our training schedule are important, but the consistency with which we work out is also important. 


Keep track of when you work out, for how long, how you train and what you eat. This helps you learn relatively quickly which methods work for you and which don't. With a training and nutrition diary you can learn quickly and easily from mistakes.

Also- don't forget to look back at your notes and keep track of your goals! Ask yourself what worked, and if you have reached your goals. What didn't work?  

Variation and adaptation

If you follow the exact same routine your body will adapt to your movements and will not grow more muscles. When this happens, it is time to build up your training. When you're getting started, simply try to make each workout better than the last. Whether you add more weight, more time, or more repetitions, that is up to you. The most important factor is giving things a try!