Cabbage & Co - Old Home Remedies Rediscovered

If your elbow or knee is painfully swollen, the diagnosis could be bursitis. At times like these, nothing seems to help - except cabbage!  Believe it or not, fixing a couple of thick leaves overnight on the aching joint really work WONDERS: The next day you'll feel less pain and the swelling will be reduced.

Even with osteoarthritis or slow-healing wounds, the application of fresh, well-washed cabbage has helped many people. When eaten, many swear that there is nothing better for stomach ulcers. Drinking a cup of cabbage juice four times a day, is said to help ulcers quickly.

Poultice have also been used for centuries to help heal ailments. When used with bronchitis, cough or fever, these home remedies can soothe coughing, loosen mucus, reduce fever and  help ensure a relaxing, peaceful sleep. Poultices generally work as decongestants and analgesics. They often have a positive effect on the inflammatory process. Even in acute joint problems such as herniated disks or bad bruises and sprains, a good old fashioned poultice is often unbeatable as a quick pain reliever!

The marigold is also an old home remedy for skin care. There is nothing better than feeling dry and cracked skin become smooth and supple again as the body heals. Marigold has a slightly astringent effect and stimulates blood circulation. When used as an ointment it has a decongestant and analgesic effect, even with bruises.

Another small miracle cure is apple cider vinegar. Whether used internally and externally, it has great health benefits. Brushing it onto the skin stimulates the metabolism and makes you feel rejuvenated! Afterwards the skin tissue is firmer and more supple. Athlete's foot can also be prevented using apple cider vinegar,
Taken internally, apple cider vinegar acts as a balm for our nerves, prevents calcifications, and protects against osteoporosis: Additionally, apple cider vinegar also helps prevent the spread of bacteria in the intestines and improves the performance of the kidneys.