How to Make a Comeback After A Break

Even athletic people have a hard time getting back into sports after taking a long break. Here are a few tips on easing back into it! 

There are many reasons why you may need to take a break from sports. Maybe you injured your back, had a baby or ran out of time for a bit. Somes a spell of bad weather or simply laziness can be a culprit, breaking up our well meant routines. 

Whether you took an unintentional forced break or just slacked off- the fact is that the body starts to lose muscle during non-training time. It adapts to its circumstances. When your muscles aren't in use, they start to break down. Unfortunately muscles break down four times faster than they build. 

To make sure your comeback to the sports arena isn't a hard one, here are our tips:

It all starts with motivation
It is often difficult to get pumped again, especially if you were forced to take a break. Your first couple times training can be tough.Your strength, endurance and mobility might be in bad repair. Train anyway! The body simply needs time to get used to your demands again.

Find a good goal
To keep your motivation long term, a good goal makes a stable foundation. Why do you want to start working out again? Make sure your goal is challenging but realistic.

Start slow
It will take time to achieve your fitness. The body adapts, but it does require time. So be patient, listen to your body and gradually increase the intensity of your work outs. With time you'll be back to your old self. Increasing your intensity too quickly can have a negative impact on your body. Be careful!

Find the right sport
Start with a sport that you enjoy. This helps you stay motivated. Try lots of different things if you aren't sure what you will like. Today there are more sports available than ever! 

Make time
Take time for your workout. Dedicated scheduling prevents excuses!

Variety is right
No matter how much fun you might have with a sport, switch things up. The body gets used to the same stress, so to increase your fitness, you need variety. Switch things up regularly- this also improves your motivation!

Take breaks
Regular breaks are just as important as regular exercise. Trained too hard yesterday? Congratulations! Give yourself a break today, so your body can regenerate. You can keep going tomorrow.

Find a Partner
Social sports makes training both more fun, and easier to stick to. Respecting your friend's schedule will help you keep your plans and feel socially pressured to do your workout. No one wants to cancel on a friend!

Reward yourself
Set yourself a goal and divide it into milestones. Every time you reach a milestone, reward yourself. These small rewards can work wonders and provide long-term motivation.

Have fun getting back into the swing of things!