Medex - A Global Ambassador

Medex - A Global Ambassador

Expert bee keepers!

Slovenia's bees: Famous since the 18th century!
Bees have been kept for centuries in Slovenia. In the 18th century, Slovenian Anton Janša was the first beekeeping teacher at the court of Maria Theresa, an Austrian queen. His methods for keeping bees were considered revolutionary and triggered a real beekeeping boom.

Global ambassadors
Although many things have changed since the 18th centuries, Slovenians are still passionate about keeping bees. Within Europe, Slovenia has the highest number of beekeepers per capita. It is therefore logical that the initiative for World Bee Day came from Slovenia. Since 2017, May 20 has been known as World Bee Day, which is celebrated on Anton Janša's birthday.

Slovenia's Carniolian honey bees (Apis mellifera carnica) are famous for the products produced using their honey and pollen, and also draw their own share of tourists. Every year, we become more and more aware of how important bees are for our ecosystems, as well as the threats they face from environmental toxins.

Better quality of life
Today, the Slovenian company Medex is considered the market leader in the production of food supplements based on honey bee products like propolis, royal jelly or pollen. Medex's state-of-the-art laboratory technology transforms the valuable raw materials the Carniolan bees produce into unique products. The liquid propolis supplements are a flagship product that defines Medex, as does the glass vials their products come in. Both innovations keep the ingredients stable, allowing customers to rely on the best possible quality.

All products can also be used to support targeted apitherapy. This is the medical application of propolis, bee air, bee venom, beeswax and honey in a gentle way to improve your quality of life.

Commitment to bees & people
Medex supports World Bee Day. In December 2022, UNESCO recognised Slovenia's beekeeping tradition as an Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Around 200,000 colonies of Carniolan bees are currently cultivated in Slovenia, focusing on breeding queen bees. Carniolan bees evolved from Western honey bees (Apis mellifera) and are known for their gentleness, excellent sense of orientation, weather resistance and high yields of honey.

As a consumer, you have the opportunity to support bees by purchasing certain products. If you are interested in bee products such as honey or propolis, choose socially and sustainably oriented companies. In this way, you indirectly support protecting bees and bee research.

Bees are one of the oldest farm animals: For about 15,000 years, humans have maintained a symbiotic relationship with these industrious insects who sometimes have to visit two million flowers to produce one kilo of honey. Bees are responsible for about a third of the world's food production.