Eight Myths Surrounding Exercise- Part 2

Today we continue with part two of our list of the biggest sports myths. Let's take a look!

Myth 9: Running is More Effective than Walking

False. Of course you are, when you run, you do have a higher heart rate. Nevertheless, Nordic walking has many positive effects on health. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are reduced, which reduces the risk of diabetes. If you walk quickly, you'll increase your stamina. In addition, walking is easier on the joints than jogging.

Myth 10: Alcohol Can Be Sweated Out

Nope, it can't. If you drank more than you'd like to admit, exercising the next day as no impact on how quickly the alcohol leaves your system. Your liver is responsible for filtering out alcohol. Nevertheless,you may feel better after doing sports because your circulation is stimulated. 

Myth 11: Stretching Prevents Injuries

Stretching is great after a workout. It improves general mobility. Injuries such as muscle tears are not prevented by regular stretching though. Never stretch cold muscles! 

Myth 12: Elderly People Should Not Do High Impact Sports

The human body is designed to move. This remains true with age. Muscle strength can be increased at any age. Of course, at seventy years old, you will no longer have the strength you did in your youth, but you don't have to only engage in gentle sports. 

Myth 13: Train the Muscles in Your Back to Reduce Back Pain

Of course, training your back doesn't hurt if you want to reduce pain, but the stomach is more important. Deep abdominal muscles are also responsible for supporting the spine.

Myth 14: Don't Move Around If You Have Osteoarthritis

False! Not moving makes osteoarthritis worse! Moving around keeps the cartilage flexed and optimally supplied with blood and nutrients.

Myth 15: Rest Periods Are For Wimps

This is a grave error. After workouts, the body simply needs time to regenerate again. So make sure to take a break and give yourself a day off! Otherwise you will overdo your workouts, which can lead to injuries, overtraining and loss of strength. 

Myth 16: Sport Is Too Hard

Not at all. Actually, it is the biggest mistake there is. To stay fit and healthy long term, you have to stay active. Staying active reduces your risk of many diseases

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