E-bikes on the Rise

In recent years, the e-bike boom has brought a lot of change to people's mobility. This is not really surprising, as electric bikes many healthy advantages.

E-bikes all the rage

E-bikes are selling like hotcakes on a cold winter morning, and there are lots of reasons why. Thanks to the bike's engine, riders receive a kick of support while riding. E-bikes represent new independence, which cannot be achieved with a normal wheel. E-bikes mean freedom for everyone, on any hill. Let's look at the benefits of an e-bike in detail.


  • Cheap: once you have bought an e-bike it is extremely cheap. The maintenance costs are negligible. Charging the bikes cost only a few cents. The only major cost factor is the battery, if it has to be replaced. Modern batteries go up to 40,000 kilometers and does not require insurance or gasoline. For this reason an e-bike is much cheaper than a car.
  • Space saving: An e-bike does not require much space and can be stowed relatively quickly. A car needs a parking space or garage.
  • Environmentally friendly: A car has room for up to five people, but most of the time only one person drives. Nevertheless, the entire vehicle must be moved, which uses more fuel, harming the environment. In addition, 60 percent of all car trips less than 6 kilometers, according to studies. The switch to an e-bike so reduces exhaust and noise pollution. E-bikes are perfect for distances of less than 20 kilometers. Plus, if you buy your bike from a green vendor with CO2 neutral production, you greatly reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Healthy: E-bikes are healthy for several reasons. This sounds at first perhaps counterintuitive, eventually you will be assisted by a motor. However, unlike a moped the motor assist is activated only when you are actually pedaling. Even with high level of support, you still have to keep moving. This activates the cardiovascular system as well as the muscles and joints. In addition, you can always get to right heart rate zone. Turn the engine off down hill, and on flat surfaces, to keep burning calories.  Also interesting: studies have shown that e-bike owners ride their bikes three times more than owners of normal bicycles. Riding a bike is also a lot less stressful than driving a car.
  • Fun: If no mountain is too high to climb it by bike, it means you can have a lot more fun. Extreme exertion and sweating fall away, leaving pure fun. Also, having the additional support keeps you from hurting yourself on strenuous trips.
  • Flexible in the city: an e-bike is especially practical for avoiding traffic jams, searching for a parking lot or risking getting a parking fine. The e-bikes eliminate these problems. They are faster driving a car in traffic, and also faster than a regular bike.
  • Long distances: with modern e-bikes, even long distances are no longer a problem. In earlier days the batteries tended to wear out quickly, but today they are easily sufficient to cover 100 kilometers or even more.
  • No more showing up to work sweaty for work: enjoy the benefits of riding your bike to work without arriving dripping in sweat.
  • Coolness factor: E-Bikes are the latest trend. Today there are many different stylish models. Modern electric bikes are highly functional lifestyle accessories.