How to Prepare a Training Plan

To be best prepared a marathon or a sports event, you need a training plan. Good preparation is the only way to ensure top performance. 

Individual works best

Everyone is different and every training plan should be adapted to your individual requirements. Several factors play a role in creating your plan:

  • What is your current situation? Are you a beginner or are you are already pretty fit and looking for more performance-oriented training?
  • What are your goals? Do you want to become fitter or are you motivated to do something for your health? Or do you have a specific event in mind?
  • How much time you have until the sports event that you want to participate in?

Remember that although your goals should be challenging, but also realistic.


A training plan is best created with cycles.

  • Determine how much time you have before your event.
  • Break up your training period into phases. First you should start a general training phase to build the foundation of your training. The closer you get to the race, the more specific your exercises should be, increasing the intensity of your workouts.
  •  In the next phase you reduce the range of your workout, but keep the intensity high. Shortly before the competition, scale back your activity to recover from your hard training and get ready for your event. 
  • The plan for your training should keep a  3: 1 ratio: three weeks of increasing training goals and one rest week with little training to recover.
  • During each week, keep the training to the 3:1 rule with three days of increasing workouts, then a rest day. For concentric sports (cycling, swimming) you can keep a 5:1 cycle.

Use the right intensity

Remember that you have many options for your training. You can increase the intensity levels or increase the amount of stress in your workout, or change the scale of the stimulus density and the frequency of training.

The most important principle

Remember, smart training is the best training. Set strong training stimuli so that your body adapts and increases your performance.Your body needs time to adjust so you don't get overwhelmed. You need enough down time, otherwise your body won't be able to keep up.

Calculate your basic level

It is very important to know your own training level. Starting from the right base means that you can create a specific training plan for specific goals. 

Your diet is very important during this time. To boost your performance optimally, you must provide your body with the nutrients that are suitable for your respective competition. Get to know what nutrients are important for you.

If you follow these tips, nothing will stand in your way. Have lots of fun!