Boost Your Metabolism - Lose Fat, Build Energy!

By taking in oxygen, liquids and solid foods, we provide our bodies with everything they need to function. Our bodies break down food and drink, forward the nutrients on to their correct destinations, and get rid of the waste. All of this - simply put - makes up the metabolism. The more healthy the power we put in, the more healthy energy we have. The metabolism also regulates our weight in the long run.

What can stimulate the metabolism and bring our bodies back into balance?

The easiest and fastest way to bring the metabolism up to snuff is by using interval training. Interval training not only burns energy, but also builds up muscle bulk. Muscle bulk consumes large amounts of energy even at rest, especially when lubricated with enough liquid, preferably water. When the body has too little moisture, the liquids in the body become "concentrated", causing metabolic processes to run very slowly. In plain English, this means that he who drinks too little water, metabolizes food more slowly, making it easier for weight to settle on the hips, abdomen and behind. In addition, a glass of water reduces the appetite while an after dinner espresso serves as a little kick start for the metabolism. 

Speaking of food, anything that contains starch slows down your metabolism. Athletes need the carbohydrates from potatoes, pasta etc. to remain efficient. However, he who suffers from a low metabolism should avoid carbs after exercise and reach for protein instead. Proteins such as lean meats, fish and dairy products help build muscle mass.

Vitamin C is a wonderful fat burner and metabolic stimulator. It doesn't stay in the body very long and therefore vitamin C intake should be spread throughout the day. Vitamin C comes from either vegetables or fruit, or by means of a high-quality food supplement . Ginger tea also gives the metabolism a push, making it one of our body's best friends for burning fat and building lasting energy. Ginger tea is best drunk in the morning. 

For more tips on stimulating the metabolism:

  • Under no circumstances should you eat too little or skip breakfast. The former strategy promotes the yo-yo effect because the body rapidly adjusts to a lower energy intake and starts hoarding fat like never before. Skipping breakfast lowers energy consumption and makes the metabolism sluggish.
  • Eat a balanced diet with lots of fiber. Too much pizza, too many sausage rolls or too many soft drinks are bad for your metabolism.
  • Detoxify! With the support of specific metabolic preparations, a detox plan can have a great success rate.