5 Ways to Restore Gut Health After Antibiotics

5 Ways to Restore Gut Health After Antibiotics

Antibiotics are medicines that doctors often prescribe when we are ill. The reason is simple: many bacterial infections can be treated well with them. However, it's not only the "bad" bacteria that have made us ill that are killed, but also many of the "good" ones. The countless bacteria that live in our intestines, strengthen our immune system and support our digestion are directly affected - especially if the intestinal flora is already impaired by an unbalanced or unhealthy diet.

This is why taking antibiotics can lead to a number of health problems, from poor sleep and digestive problems to a weakened immune system and skin issues. In order to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place, or to make them disappear quickly, you should observe the following five points to bring the intestinal flora back into balance:

1. Eat Soup

Soup (with bones) contains a variety of nutrients, including essential amino acids and minerals. The protein glutamine is especially good, as studies have shown that it supports gastrointestinal function.

2. Eat Fermented Foods

Fermented foods contain a variety of bacteria that support gut health. It is therefore a good idea to eat more fermented foods after antibiotic treatment. This will help you get the "good" bacteria back into your gut. So eat lots of yoghurt, kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, miso, tempeh, natto or kimchi - just to name a few. All of these foods contain active bacterial cultures that help rebalance your gut flora.

3. Relax

One's mood and stress levels affect one's health more than is commonly thought. As research has shown, stress promotes the growth of "bad" strains of bacteria, which in turn reduces the diversity of the gut microbiome and thus has a negative effect. Actively ensure more relaxation in your everyday life. Regular relaxation exercises can also be very helpful. 4.

4. Eat More Fibre

Probiotic bacteria in the digestive system need the right food to multiply, and most of them feed on fibre. This is found in many natural foods, such as apples, artichokes, bananas, garlic, leeks, asparagus, whole grains or onions.

5. Try Food Supplements

After antibiotic treatment, it can take time to rebalance the intestinal flora. This process can be accelerated by a probiotic supplement taken alongside the four points already described.

Gut Health Restored

If you catch a bacterial infection, the germs that cause the disease usually die off after antibiotic treatment. However, because the intestinal flora is also severely affected by antibiotics, it is important to take care of it after treatment. With the five points presented here, however, it should not be a major problem to quickly bring your own intestinal flora back into balance.