Sport is the Worst - Or Is It? 7 Good Reasons to Be Active

Every person has different reasons to do sports. Many people enjoy sport as a way to reduce their weight or maintain a slim figure, but sport doesn't just help you stay fit, it also helps maintain a healthy brain!

Exercise keeps the brain young and preserves important cranial regions. Exercise may even prevent diseases like Alzheimers or dementia. It is a proven fact that sport also works as a natural antidepressant, putting you in a good mood, giving you greater feelings of satisfaction and keeping your body healthier too.

But that's not all! As mentioned, increased cardiovascular activity makes it easier to keep the weight off. More movement jump-starts the body and the metabolism, getting your blood flowing and keeping your body functioning. Exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves circulation and helps digestion. Early rising sport enthusiasts know these facts well. 

Exercising a few times a week active also supports healthy bones and joints. As a result, osteoporosis has fewer opportunities to attack your bones. Moreover, mobility and agility are promoted by exercise, resulting in fewer falls and fewer injuries. He who exercises enjoys more strength and mobility in everyday life.

Sport also reduces stress while increasing heathly feelings of physical fatigue. To sleep well, one needs the feeling of being physically tired. Good, regular sleep is another key factor in our well-being.

Additionally, when you exercise, your brain is supplied with an extra portion of oxygen while you're moving. This triggers the secretion of the hormone ACTH, which influences creativity. He who doesn't exercise starts his day with worry lines, while he who does sleeps soundly. After half an hour of exercise, all the problems that seemed so big at the office or in other areas of your life start to feel like less of a problem.

There's also the immune system, which is pleased by regular exercise. People who regularly exercise offer less of a target to infectious pathogens and other unwelcome guests.

All right? - Well then, as it turns out, exercise really isn't standing in the way of anything. If you still cannot seem to find the time, remember that a few simple but effective exercises per day are all you need to be fit, healthy and in good spirits. Yes, exercise takes a little bit of effort, but it is totally worth it!