Biotta Cure Day 4

The fourth day was a great success...Alice was happy to drink the delicious juice and Stephan has fewer headaches.

"After I had survived the horror of yesterday, I was ready for anything! :) Today, it was all good! I drank the Wellness juice...mmm, how delicious! Also, my husband won't be home until Friday, therefore there is no danger of a having fresh cooked food at home! :) It is really better this way! My trick was to work longer, get home for dinner, eat the heated tomato juice, then lie down on the couch and turn on the TV. The only thing you have to do is hope they won't show any good food advertising! :)

I have to say that I am doing well, I'm not hungry...I only miss a good warm slice of bread!...Tomorrow I planned on drinking the vegetable juice at first, but I scrapped this plan since I received my pineapple juice today as a better substitute. Yeah! I can't wait to have this drink tomorrow again! Ah, I nearly forgot: I've never had such a flat stomach! Fantastic!"

"Well, I am all the same, feeling better today!...I am not hungry, the juices are enough to keep me going. The headaches are my constant companion though, but they are not so strong anymore. It gets better day by day! The only consolation I find is that my body is finally detoxing, that's why I have headaches. I also stayed at the office longer to distract myself :)"

According to Stephan and Alice's colleagues, the two have become really annoying, so they bombarded them with food photos! Hmm, maybe they're just jealous that Stephen and Alice are pulling it off ?! :)

See you tomorrow!!

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