What's "Do-It-Yourself Biology"?

A new trend has popped up in the world called "Bio Hacking" or "Do-It-Yourself Biology" where small communities study self-optimization through the traditional lens of biology. 

One name, different trends

DIY Biology goes by several other names, and has many different genres. This article is not about the hand-crafting genes in your home laboratory, or creating GM glow-in-the-dark plants at home. Other trends include the technical modification of one's body, like microchipping, etc. We're more interested in the tricks, or so called hacks that attempt to improve the performance of the body and brain.

What's "Biohacking"?

Behind this strange sounding name lies the desire to be / become the best version of yourself.

To achieve this goal, Biohackers take a systematic approach. Each person collects as much personal data as possible with the help of Apps or Fitness bracelets, then the experimenting begins. 

Test & Apply

Once data is collected, experimenters start doing self-tests, mostly involving diets. Many people adapt their diets to change individual behaviors or try new trends. They monitor their results to see if they feel any differently or notice any changes in performance. 

The basic idea behind this process is that everything we eat has an impact on our bodies, behavior,  health and performance. 

The psyche

The mind also plays an important role in biohacking. Our emotions also play a role in food intake, and vice versa. Many hackers try to improve their sleep quality and thus performance by preventing stress or trying out relaxation techniques in combination with their diets. 

Lots of variables, one goal

Exercise, diet, awareness, flow, and gratitude are a few of the many areas that Biohackers try to work on to improve their overall health and well-being. The overall goal, however, is just to live your best life. 

Next week we'll present a few tips for beginners :)