Hot & Then Cold: How to Stay Healthy Through April Weather!

April, April, April: this month does whatever the heck he wants: sometimes it's sunny, sometimes it's snowy, sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold - that's just how it is! All these mood swings make it hard to stay properly outfitted. Forget your hat and scarf once - and voila - you've won a sore throat, runny nose, & fever. So sit back and we'll tell you how to stay alive and well despite this crazy weather ...

In the morning when the sun rises bright in the cloudless blue skies, the air hovers at just one degree Celsius. Optimistically, you think it'll get warm again and dress accordingly: just a light blazer should be enough today. However, after two hours, thick black clouds suddenly crowd the horizon. Brrr, cold!! Suddenly a chilly wind blows up, and what you wouldn't give for a good winter jacket!!

Another two hours - it's noon now, and suddenly the sky breaks and the sun shines mercilessly into the garden. Looking over, the thermometer on the wall reads 23 degrees! Now just a t-shirt feels too hot, it's bikini time, isn't it? Moments later the clouds reappear and your start shiver again, and think 'gosh, should we turn on the heat tonight?' - Atchoo!! My goodness, how on earth do we stay healthy through this temperature gauntlet!

The constant change between cold and hot stresses the body tremendously. Coupled with pressure from work, family and everyday life, viruses and bacteria have easy access to your weak spots. Therefore, please deliberately take off-time and pamper yourself at the sauna, treat yourself to a pleasant massage or relax with a long, fragrant bath. The more relaxed you are, the stronger your immune system - and that means staying healthy.

A warm bath keeps the feet warm - a prerequisite for staying healthy. Cold feet rapidly make for problems. Better start the day with warm socks, you can always take them off if you get too hot.

The same applies to wearing a sweater: it's better take one with you and be safe rather than sorry! It's also best to dress in layers, for example: wear a short sleeve shirt, then a thin sweater, then layer a vest over it and finish with a warm jacket.

It is also helpful to get enough exercise. Exercise helps beat the spring fatigue and winter fat. Jogging, swimming, walking, tennis etc. also help to strengthen the immune system and help it cope with temperature variations.

Stick to a good diet and there it is in a nutshell: eat healthy to strengthen your natural defenses. Make sure you get enough vitamins, minerals, fresh spring herbs, sprouts and herbal teas to support the body, not only to stay slim- but also get through moody April!