This Year I'm Giving You LOTS of Energy, Mother Dearest

Mother's Day is a holiday that is celebrated all over the world. With this holiday comes the age old question: what to get for a Mother's Day gift? How can you show her your love? Try a gift of good energy and well-being. How could this work? Try NADH, a wonderful food supplement. 

The coenzyme 1 - NADH is a organic property made of hydrogen. NADH reacts with the oxygen in each cell to produce energy and water in your body. The more NADH a cell has available, the more energy it can produce, the better it works, and the longer it lives.

NADH is found in all living cells of animals and plants. Therefore, NADH is also found in our daily food, mostly in meat and fish. Unfortunately, only minimal amounts of NADH are absorbed from our food, if at any at all, because our aggressive stomach acid destroys it so quickly.

NADH supplements are a naturally occurring substances that have been stabilized by scientists so that they no longer break down so quickly, but get directly where they are needed: directly in the cells. 

In addition, NADH is a wonderful antioxidant. Antioxidants can help reduce cholesterol levels and help to lower high blood pressure. The effects of NADH was among the findings discovered in a study done by Georgetown University in Washington.

Meanwhile, the coenzyme 1 is also available as a lozenge. The active ingredient of the lozenge is absorbed by placing it under your tongue. There are several flavors - all these lozenges (made by Life Light) recommended by Prof. Hademar Hofer: He even wrote a book entitled "The Vittal cell activity of NADH" about where he highly recommended taking NADH supplements. 

Another pleasant side effect of NADH, by the way, is that it helps calms the nerves. This special property makes it a perfect recommendation for a Mother's Day present. That is, when the kids are running around like crazy and poor Mom is at her wit's end, you can say: "Here you are, Mama dearest, I have just the gift for you".