Keep Your Eyes Beautiful By Keeping Them Healthy

The sheer quanity of images our visual system processes every day are amazing, especially when we think of all the time we spend in front of our computers, tablets, video games and screens. When we are concentrating, our eyes blink only twice per second instead of up to 20 times, like usual. The result: our eyes get dry, begin to itch and become progressively weaker over the years. Follow these tips to keep your eyes relaxed and your eyesight healthy:

If you have a room or an office with a window, it is often sufficient to look up and into the distance every once in a while. However thoughtfully you gaze, try not to fix your eyes on anything concrete. Thus, by varying your near-far focus, you keep your eye muscles moving. If this is done every 30 to 60 seconds, you've already created a good basis for maintaining your health.

Another trick: keep moving. Get up often, go copy something, get something to drink, distribute the memos for the day ... anything will do to counteract the unhealthy effects of the strain of hour-long, rigid focus. Try to change up your gaze as often as possible.

It is of enormous importance to have the right lighting conditions. Computers that are placed directly in front of a window are an absolute no go. The brightness behind the screen - in the worst case of direct sunlight - is extremely fatiguing to the eye. The ideal placement is if the screen is at a right angle to the window without any direct light. Even the light of a desk lamp can be harmful when it is fixed directly facing a screen. Cold, very bright light (eg. halogen lamps) should be avoided during prolonged activity looking at a screen. The light source is best positioned on the side or on the ceiling to avoid a direct mirroring of the screen.

The next important aspect is your distance from screen: in the times of laptops, tablets, etc many users get way too close to their devices. The experts have defined the minimum optimal distance between the screen and the eye as 50 centimeters. The emphasis here is on "MINIMUM distance"! The solution: enlarge text and make it easier to read!

Screens of all kinds are basically poisonous to the eyes: using reflective surfaces, poor screen resolutions or even old CRT screens instead of the modern flat screens can be harmful. Be aware that low humidity or air conditioning also contributes to dry eyes, especially for contact lens wearers. If you use glasses, be sure to give your eyes a break once in a while.

It also helps to treat your eyes with eye drops. Special eye drops like artificial tear fluid help hydrate your eyes. It is also important to keep up with normal hydration. Always drink enough water while using computer screens. If you are in the habit of using computer screens for long periods of time, close your eyes once in a while to give them a cool, dark recovery period, however brief. This may cause you to yawn once in a while, but that is a good thing! By yawning, facial muscles are relaxed and the eyes are moistened.