Aloe Vera - the Sunburn Doctor

Aloe vera is one of the fastest ways to treat a sunburn, completely naturally! As soon as your skin starts to feel warm or burn, aloe vera can quickly and effectively come to your rescue!

 Aloe Vera is actually a desert lily and is one of the most amazing plants that nature has given us. For centuries it has been used as a "First Aid Plant" and has been valued as a medicinal herb. They are also easy to grow at home!

Once you have an aloe vera plant, sooner or later it will sprout new plants. Simply gently remove them from their pots and replant them. They grow at a speedy pace, assuming they are NOT exposed to strong sunlight (since they get brown spots) and not drowned with too much water. Otherwise, the plant is totally unpretentious and also does not need fertilizer.

Aloe Vera does have to hibernate in the living room because it cannot tolerate freezing temperature. After all, the plant originates from warmer areas of the world. It has since been cultivated specifically for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

As soon as the long, thick, fleshy green leaves are large enough, you can cut them open. They do have a liquidy material inside. At this stage, the "plant doctor" is ready for use. Usually the plant needs about two years to reach this state, and after about five years, its effect is supposedly the strongest. However, you can safely use the leaves after one year and will be positively amazed by their effect.

The marrow in the plant is very rich of life-enhancing substances such as vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids, enzymes and digestive enzymes. About 400 active substances with an healing effect have been detected in the juice of the plant. Above all, the ingredients of the pure gel inside the Aloe Vera plant have a pleasant experience on sun stressed skin

Instructions for use:

Take a leaf, cut a wide cut, and gradually squeeze out the cooling moisture and apply it on your skin. The effect starts immediately: the skin relaxes visibly, cools, and the itching and burning ceases. Blisters can disappear overnight and the skin will cool to a nice brown.

Aloe Vera leaves also have a soothing effect in many cases of skin allergies. They are fungicidal and antiseptic and can also heal wounds and scars.