Sponser® Sport Food - Strong Innovation from Switzerland

Sponser® Sport Food - Strong Innovation from Switzerland

The renowned sports nutrition brand Sponser Sport Food - from beautiful Switzerland - provides a huge selection of sports nutrition and nutritional supplements. They convince with their knowledge as well as their numerous research projects and studies regarding their individual products. Together with athletes from different sports and disciplines, Sponser puts its own products through their paces so that the individual athletes can not only achieve top levels of performance but also guarantee high-quality products for every athlete.

But this special sports nutrition is by no means only suitable for competitive athletes, but rather for everyone who looks for high-quality raw materials in their supplements. The ingenious sports products make the hearts of sports enthusiasts beat faster and rightly so, because if you believe the subject-specific descriptions and the ingredients they contain, they are, in my opinion, the perfect addition to any sporting activity.

However, with such a selection it is often difficult to maintain an overview and to choose the right supplements for the respective level of performance and the sport. That's why we're giving you a few pointers and briefly discussing the largest areas of endurance and weight training.

Endurance and Speed-Strength Sports

Maintaining a certain intensity, at a certain speed, for as long as possible and also regenerating as quickly as possible after this physical exertion - all of this describes endurance training. The aim is, of course, to master the basic skills with gradual improvement each time and, ideally, to run faster and longer. Do not give up. But, at a certain point, the body can no longer take care of itself and it needs a lot of additional support in order to be able to achieve your set goals and to be well maintained.

It is therefore advisable to start fully saturated before endurance training. A carbohydrate-rich meal is recommended in advance so that you can start off full of energy. The Power Porridge from Sponser is perfect for this. This is based on high-quality oat flakes and whey protein and is "ready to eat" in just 3 minutes.

As an addition, the specially developed Carbo Loader can also be taken before training. This maximises the glycogen stores in advance for the upcoming endurance exercise. In this way, additional carbohydrates and electrolytes are administered without causing a feeling of full bloating before the exercise.

For in-between, the right thirst quencher should not be missing, which is why we recommend the Competition Powder, which consists of an acid-free, hypotonic formulation and was designed for the highest energy demands. Physical exertion during sport causes the body to lose water and important minerals, and the competition powder helps to rehydrate the organism and to continue to supply it.

As an alternative, the Electrolyte Tabs can also be used here. These consist of a zero-carb formulation and are based on the electrolytes sodium, magnesium, calcium, chloride and potassium and are also suitable for high-intensity training.

Last but not least, the absolutely most important point after every workout: Regeneration and relaxation. This not only includes good food, fascia training and restful sleep - the support from the right supplements is also an important factor in order to be able to start the next training session with full commitment. Here we can strongly recommend the Recovery Drink. This specially developed drink consists of short and long-chain carbohydrates, which optimally replenish the glycogen stores after exercise. Casein was also added, which accelerates the regeneration of the muscles.

Strength Training

A low body fat percentage and a defined, impressive body - who doesn't strive for such a dream and the desire to be the new Schwarzenegger? Joking aside - and to be honest, there is (unfortunately) no magic formula for this and in order to achieve the dream of defined muscles, you have to train hard and specifically for it! But everyone is unique and so is their training. It takes a lot of body awareness and - of course - the right supplements that support physical performance. Full of euphoria, you assemble your protein shake, hop into your sportswear and get going full of vigour. But no two days are the same and so the physical condition is different every day. In order to provide the best possible support for the body on a daily basis, we are introducing some products from Sponser that shouldn't be missing from any strength training regime.

To get a jump start on your next training session, we recommend the Pre-Workout Booster for optimal strength training. Thanks to its multi-component complex, it increases blood flow. As a result, you will feel a better pump and thus ensure that you can get the most out of every workout. An Amino 12500 Ampoule can also be used as an additive. This fits in absolutely every sports bag and, thanks to its anti-catabolic effect, ensures that the muscles are optimally protected during training.

In the case of longer training sessions, a healthy snack is a good idea. This is where the delicious Cereal Energy Plus Bar comes into play. This is a high-quality cereal bar that has also been fortified with MCT and L-carnitine.

And last but not least, we come to the important regeneration phase to enable healthy muscle building and to be able to train full of power again. The Recovery Shake is particularly suitable here, because it replenishes the energy stores with the carbohydrates it contains. In addition, the high-quality proteins support regeneration and the development and maintenance of muscle mass. Here, however, the Multi-Protein can also be used, which, thanks to its multi-component protein formulation and the high proportion of casein, is considered a night protein and is versatile.

General Hints and Tips:

  1. Listen to your body and only do what feels right.
  2. Not overdoing yourself is one of the most important points in training.
  3. Start slowly and increase steadily!
  4. First, start by working the major muscle groups like legs, back & chest.
  5. Good, restful sleep is important for muscle building and regeneration
  6. Patience & consistency are part of every training.
  7. Never forget or skip the warm-up!