Do You Sleep Well? Tips For a Good Night's Sleep

Surveys paint a worrying picture: up to half of women and one in four men often sleep poorly. For this reason, more and more people resort to taking sleeping pills, starting a vicious circle: once you stop taking the tablet, you find you aren't able to sleep anymore. You're better off trying home remedies or a sleep tricks ...

The daily stress from work and family life is hard to cast off in a much too warm, much too cluttered bedroom. It is hard to forget your worries when the area around your bed is cluttered with clothes, books, business documents, computers, or phones. It's also terribly difficult to enjoy a nice sleep on a full belly or a listless body. He who hardly exercises hardly sleeps, much like he who allows noise and street light to filter in through his windows at night. Let's be honest, who could sleep in those conditions?

For the external circumstances keeping you from sleep, there are some easy solutions. You can battle these sleep killers by eating less in the evening, de-cluttering your bedroom, airing our your house, getting good exercise or installing blinds. But what do you do to manage your stress or disquiet?

Often, nervousness and insomnia have a strong relationship to magnesium deficiency. In particular, when you find you have cramps in your legs, it is a sign that you need more magnesium. You should also consider using a soothing blend of herbs or fragrance combinations to facilitate falling and staying asleep. In the old times people resorted to valerian , lemon balm or Good Evening tea to fall asleep. The used these substances with success because they soothe the nerves and help the turmoil of the day be forgotten quickly. There are also hops, St. John's Wort and Passion flower scents. Had my grandmother known, she would have used the amino acid tryptophan as a sleep agent. Often enough a sleep cure was simply warm milk with honey, especially if you had didn't have any problems with your lungs.

A few tips for falling and staying asleep:

  • Choose light blue as a color for your bedroom. The color is considered relaxing and thus promotes sleep
  • Consider listening to soft music or taking a warm bath before going to bed. Going for a walk is also useful, as long as you don't shower beforehand!
  • Sometimes it is enough if one has a nice book with nice thoughts (mysteries and thrillers are not really suitable for sleep!).