Be Healthier With Overnight Foot Patches!

These food patches have been used in many parts of Asia for thousands of years. Now the Japanese manufacturer Kenrico has filled with these patches with natural ingredients that have made them a popular product in Germany. 

Every day our bodies are faced with many types of pollutants. These invisible substances burden our bodies and hamper important cell functions. After several years of stress, the body cannot excrete these pollutants on its own. Therefore, pollutants accumulate in the tissues, muscles, or even in the central nervous system and cause numerous problems that can affect us and make us sick.

The use of herbal plasters is quite simple: take one of the specially packaged patches and fix it like a plaster to sole of your foot. It is recommended that you completely to wrap the foot, including the toes, so that the patch really holds the whole night through. Do not wear for more than twelve hours.

In the morning you can remove the whole thing again - and if you chose a detox patch, you might be surprised: The ingredients in the patch are often totally discolored. Something happened! The "culprit" for  the discoloration is the tourmaline contained in herbal plasters which heats the soles of the feet. The resulting perspiration activates the secretion activity, supported by the other ingredients.

The herbal plasters works in tandem with other reflex areas of the feet. Through these sensitive points all organs, glands and body parts connected by meridians can be directly affected. 

Herbal plasters could also help to support regeneration of liver and the cardiovascular system, could assist with elevated blood sugar and blood fat levels ,and could support the immune system and the digestive tract .