Appetite Control Strategies

Appetite Control Strategies

Often, we tend to eat too much. Either our food is just too delicious to have self-control, or we don't know enough about nutrition or we get in the habit of eating in front of the TV or eat while you're playing on your smartphone. When you are distracted while eating, you tend to eat more than you would if you were not distracted.

Eating too much now and then is not a big deal, but when it becomes a habit it's a problem. Here are a few strategies for avoiding overeating:

Eat slowly

It takes a while for a feeling of fullness to set in, usually between ten and thirty minutes. The faster we eat, the more we tend to eat, so slow down and let your brain catch up.

A solution: chew every bite thirty times. Using this simple strategy, we eat more slowly and our stomach has more time to tell our brain that it is full. In addition, you can enjoy your food more if you take it slow.

Eating when you are not hungry

Only eat when you are truly hungry. Eating too much drives up our insulin levels. After a period of feeling tired, we tend to feel hungry again. If you wait until you are starving you'll tend to over-do it, so try to find a good balance of eating when you are hungry, but stopping when you are full.

Drink water instead of sodas and juices

Did you know that mild dehydration in the body produces a sensation that is deceptively similar to hunger? Make sure you are drinking enough water to avoid this fake feeling of hungriness.

Liquid calories in the form of juices or sodas only boost insulin levels and don't properly hydrate your body. It is best to drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily. If you drink a glass of water for about 20 minutes before a meal, this curbs your appetite.

Season your food

Many people do not like unsweetened drinks and food because it lacks flavour. With the right spices, you can enjoy great flavour without adding sugar. Cinnamon adds a sweet note without adding extra calories. It also goes great with smoothies and even tastes great in coffee.