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  • Enzymedica's product range offers exceptional solutions for digestive health. Enzymedica was founded in 1998 by Tom and David Bohager with emphasis on innovative, purely plant-based enzyme combinations.
  • The products are based on a patented Thera blend formula and provide maximum therapeutic benefit, since the enzymes can be effective in all the pH ranges of the gastrointestinal tract. The products consist of vegetable based microorganisms and are therefore free of allergens.
  • Enzymedica products provide targeted support in digestive disorders or food intolerances (Intolerance Complex). There are also enzyme mixtures for a healthy immune function and inflammatory processes.

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Enzymedica products guarantee:

  • excellent quality and purity
  • immediate bioavailability
  • excellent efficacy
  • the products are free from fillers and anti-caking agents
  • 100% vegetarian products